​SCUBA Diving Charters            Regular Price         Private Boat       Trip Min Paying DiversRequired ​

Inshore 2 Dives                                              $85                    $960                            3 $240)

​Offshore 2 Dives                                            $95                  $1080                            3 ($270)       

​Night Dives                                                     $95                 $1080                            4 ($360)

​3 Dives                                                          $115                $1320                            3 ($330)

​Spearfishing Charter                                      $120               $1400                            5 ($600)

Dive Trips cancelled by the Captain due to weather will receive a full immediate refund.
*Prices are per person with a minimum for the dive trip to “make”.
*All trips are open to the public unless specifically requested to be private, a full private boat fee will apply to private trips.
* Inshore and offshore trips are explained on the “SCUBA Info” page.

Required Gear
*All persons making 3 or more dives in a day are required to have a dive computer. Likewise divers are limited to trips that they have the proper training for.
* If you don’t have a computer, a timing device is required on all trips. How else will you know how to work your tables?
*Dive lights are required on night dives. (Two would be ideal)
*Dive gloves are strongly advised.
* A dive knife